Television, Video & Film

I am sometimes on the telly doing a bit of presenting for a local TV channel, Latest TV which covers what’s going on in our wonderful and eccentric city of Brighton. I also have done a few film projects and videos. Do see examples of me below!
Please click the link under the video to watch!

Latest TV news – Holler Brewery

Holler Brewery Youtube Link
Out of the woods - videographer Tom J Kelly

Out of the woods – videographer Tom J Kelly

Out of the woods – Youtube Link
latest tv

Latest Tv News

Latest TV News


Eden Blooms Video – Arun Mathew

Magazine Promo -Munnar Hills, India by Pixemo Studios
svp screengrab 1

SVP Jewellery advert

SVP Jewellery Advert
Screen Shot 2018-02-24 at 7.56.44 PM.png

India Fashion Shoot – Model Video

Varkala Beach, India by Seny P Arukattu
Chinatown by Rob Johns

Chinatown – a short travel video

Chinatown by Rob Johns

A promotional vid for #retrogoglifedrawing

#retrogogolifedrawing promo vid

Vintage 1970s film, for Greg Tallent

Greg Tallent’s 1970s model video

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