Television, Video & Film

I am sometimes on the telly doing a bit of presenting for a local TV channel, Latest TV which covers what’s going on in our wonderful and eccentric city of Brighton. I also have done a few film projects and videos. Do see examples of me below!
Please click the link under the video to watch!
latest tv

Latest Tv News

Latest TV News


Eden Blooms Video – Arun Mathew

Magazine Promo -Munnar Hills, India by Pixemo Studios
svp screengrab 1

SVP Jewellery advert

SVP Jewellery Advert
Screen Shot 2018-02-24 at 7.56.44 PM.png

India Fashion Shoot – Model Video

Varkala Beach, India by Seny P Arukattu
Chinatown by Rob Johns

Chinatown – a short travel video

Chinatown by Rob Johns

A promotional vid for #retrogoglifedrawing

#retrogogolifedrawing promo vid

Vintage 1970s film, for Greg Tallent

Greg Tallent’s 1970s model video

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